May 16, 2023

Independent & Growing- the battle smaller brokers face

Independent & Growing- the battle smaller brokers face

Growth does not always mean scale and Alyssa Keyes from Keyes Insurance Brokers shares her struggle and eventual success as a regional independent with their strategy for growth.

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We came across this episode's guest, Alyssa Keyes, by chance as her compelling and troubling LinkedIn post came up in our feed. Alyssa and the brokerage she works for know all to well where the attention is focussed by many national insurance companies- consolidators and aggregators. It's easy work for the business development reps- get scale quickly, meet your targets and relax.

That's partially true but in an era of required profitable underwriting by line of business that many insurers strive for but it comes at a cost, missing out on opportunity. There is a lot of growth, profitable growth for companies by working with brokers who know their market, know how to grow in it, and know where not to grow, Alyssa shares her story and the outcome that happened after she went 'public' with the response from that rep and company.

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